Its here… the new standard for Virtual Reality. The Oculus Rift is finally ready for use and deliveries have been announced for Q1 2016. Virtual Reality has looked for traction for many years. The Rift will change everything we have known till date about VR. As a simulator hobbyist who has spent years trying triple monitors, triple channel projection, FOV calculations I can clearly see – no pun intended – the value of the Rift. In the mad pursuit of achieving high resolution immersive 210 degree wrap-around views I had at one point 9 monitors dedicated to such wrap around view generation – and yet, the views would still feel like you were watching a monitor.

The Rift changes all that. Watch one of the videos I found on Youtube, you will see what I am talking about.

CP Jois

For all those Model Aircraft hobbyists out there, this is a reminder. If you haven’t already noted, the FAA UAS registration is coming up soon in February. An early registration deadline is January 21, although I had read somewhere that it was Jan 19. The FAA will refund the $5 registration fee if the registration is completed by the Jan 21 date.

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is still working with the FAA to figure out the modalities of the ruling. Personally, I find it redundant that AMA members who are committed to a safety code, and have to abide by AMA regulations, have to follow another registration process; but that is just my opinion. For now, the ruling holds and registration is required by the deadline.

Just a reminder to all of us RC Modelers to note the dates and complete registration.


Golfcharlie232 publishes some of the most vibrant aviation videos. Popular as all of them are, this one got a million hits in 3 weeks. Am reposting it here to share with you all.

I am not much of a movie person. I am too much of a ‘do something’ person to be able to sit in one place for 90 minutes and watch a movie – unless of course, its something that pertains to planes, airports, flight – aviation in general.

AviatorCast – a podcast on aviation – recently interviewed Brian Terwilliger, a documentary movie maker. The podcast was focused on Brian’s latest production “Living in the Age of Airplanes”. I had heard about the movie back in April, but the movie is only distributed to science centers, museums, IMAX theaters to name a few. Hence it is not generally available in the regular theaters. I waited for it to come to a location in my city.

Today, I headed out to watch the movie. Words cannot describe the various emotions that one goes through upon viewing the movie – and there are too many to even describe. Brian passion for telling a story comes through. His passion for aviation also comes through. Most importantly his ability to conceptualize big ideas comes through. Breathtaking is one way to describe the movie. Its 50 minutes of exhilaration. Well researched and succinctly put together.

In 50 minutes, Brian transports the viewer from beginning of humankind to present-day transportation capability. The movie humbles the viewer.

The script focuses on the machine – more than anything else – and attempts to keep the focus on the significance of the airport.

If you haven’t watched it, please do. Brian has crafted a beautiful message through the movie.The movie’s website is

I am confident that you will enjoy it as much as I did.


Each day we see new advances being made in electric flight. Improvements are seen in scale, size and endurance.

Today, we have another milestone with the electric Cri-Cri project crossing the English Channel. This comes one day in advance of Airbus’ e-fan flight. Pilot Hughues Duval flew the Cri-Cri across the English Channel from Dover,UK to Calais,France at 81 knots and covered the distance in 36 minutes.


More about the electric plane here